Why Does Hearts for the Lost Need My Support?

The Members of Hearts for the Lost are servants of our Lord Jesus Christ. They are willing to go where needed to teach other how to biblically share their faith. They also practice what they preach by sharing their faith in their own communities. However without support from others this is greatly impeded. This is why we ask for you to prayerfully consider supporting our efforts. As someone once said, “If you can’t go down the well at least help hold the rope.” Your donation goes to the Hearts for the Lost and is applied directly to evangelism efforts. Some of the areas your support is needed to are:

  • Event travel expenses such as the following:
    • Plane tickets
    • Fuel costs for events within driving distance
    • Lodging expenses should we need to stay overnight for long distance events
  • Printing expenses for paper materials necessary for events
  • Audio/Video hardware and software to ensure compatibility at different churches
  • Gospel tract purchases and Bibles
  • Shipping costs to ship advertising materials to host churches for events
  • Advertisement fees for any ads necessary to inform churches of what we do

Any remaining funds stay in our designated account to be applied for future events, local outreach events, and any other deemed necessary items to continue our efforts. Without support we are unable to hold these events.

Way To Be A Partner In Supporting HFTL:

You can partner support with Hearts for the Lost in the following ways:

Be a Partner Through Prayer:

Brethren, Pray for us” – 1 Thessalonians 5:25

Prayer is our greatest need. Outside of Christ we can do nothing. Pray for each of our team members. Pray that churches will ask for our help. Pray that God is glorified in all we do.

Be A Partner Through Financial Support:

Below are some way you can give.

Checks Or Money Orders Payable To: Hearts For The Lost

Attention: Greg Moss

769 Lineywood Road

Leesville SC 29070

A One-Time Donation Through Paypal




Monthly Giving To Support HFTL

Become An Event Sponsor

If you have any questions concerning supporting Hearts for the Lost or becoming a sponsor please contact David Martin at or give him a call at 803.477.7921. 

HFTL has applied for 501 (c) (3) status


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